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KINGHOPE Enterprise Concept

Enterprise objective: become Chinese Name-brand enterprise

Enterprise Spirit: Innovate, Comity, Realistic, Enterprising

Enterprise Rule: satisfy every customer, give chance to every employee

KINGHOPE Management Concept

Quality Concept: Eximious quality of product and service is basis of enterprise and soul of KINGHOPE.. KINGHOPE loudspeaker establish name brand due to its good product quality and excellent service.

Service Concept: Creat Value for customer, Satisfy every customer is core of KINGHOPE service.

Service system of KINGHOPE not only support good quality product to customer, but also creat good spirit life room for customer. Its main idea of KINGHOPE service system.

Marketing Concept: Establish perfect sales network, and good market sales way, through advanced management it makes high-efficiency working of sales network. Terminal works as landing spot of KINGHOPE brand development, center of KINGHOPE loudspeaker market sales and enterprise management.

Name-brand Concept: KINGHOPE SYMBOL consists of  KING and HOPE, its meaning is seeking excellence.

Symbolize honour and self-confidence

KINGHOPE not only seeking honour and self-confidence quality but also seeking innovation.

Music is fount of life, Song is incorporeal wing

start from soul
start from zero

Come from English aristocrats!

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